JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia`s efforts to create a new power-sharing government in Yemen have raised hopes of ending the country`s devastating war, key figures said Saturday. Donald Trump, who rarely comments on Yemen`s civil war, hailed the deal as “a very good start,” adding: “Please all work hard to get a final deal.” The agreement stipulates that STC shares half of the cabinet`s portfolios, which is expected to exceed 24 ministers, and ensures its participation in the government delegation for consultations on the final political solution with the Houthi rebels. “The Riyadh Agreement represents a real opportunity for peace in the South. and from this point of view, the Council will remain a strategic partner with Saudi Arabia and the arab coalition countries in various acts and related issues until all common interests and objectives are achieved and guaranteed,” he said. The signing was broadcast on Saudi state television, which did not reveal any details of the deal. Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik and his ministers returned to the port city of Aden on Monday as part of a power-sharing deal with southern separatists. Yemen`s internationally recognized government has reached a power-sharing agreement with southern separatists to end its internal fighting in the south of the country, officials said Friday. The deal, which was officially sealed at a signing ceremony in Riyadh on Tuesday, lacks details, but ministries are expected to be divided equally between the UN-backed government of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and supporters of Southern Transitional Council Chairman Aidarus al-Zubaidi. Under the agreement, which was reached with the support and encouragement of Saudi Arabia, the government and the CTS agreed to form a unity government that fairly represents the interests of all Yemenis, regardless of sect, ethnicity or religion.

Griffiths had sought to avoid the exclusion of the southern armed forces, as any deal reached without their inclusion would likely collapse. Observers, however, will be curious to see if the alliance, assuming it holds, is simply leading to a new military attack on Houthi positions or if it is instead holding substantive talks on Yemen`s future. .

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