List of agreements reached by the parties participating in the Tehran conference Iran would enter the war with Germany, a common enemy of the three powers. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt spoke about the issue of Iran`s special financial needs during the war and the possibility of needing help after the war. The three powers said they would continue to help Iran. The Iranian government and the three powers reach, in all disputes, an agreement to preserve Iran`s independence, sovereignty and integrity. The United States, the USSR and the United Kingdom expect Iran to follow along with other allied nations to bring about peace once the war is over, which was agreed when the declaration was made. Stalin and Churchill discussed Poland`s future borders and settled on the Curzon Line to the east and the Oder-East-Neisse Line to the west. The FDR had asked to be excused by any discussion of Poland, given the impact of a decision on Polish voters in the United States and the upcoming 1944 elections. This decision was not ratified until the Potsdam Conference of 1945. Winston Churchill refers in his memoirs to Stalin`s dinner in November, a meal at which the Soviet leader proposed to shoot down thousands of German officers and technicians at the end of the war. Tehran Conference 1943: The Big Three.

From left to right: Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill on the portico of the Russian Embassy during the Tehran Conference to discuss the 1943 European Theatre. Churchill is in the uniform of a Royal Air Force air force commander. Rejecting this offer, Stalin also offered to meet in Baghdad or Basra, eventually agreeing to meet in Tehran in November 1943. [2] Roosevelt and Stalin spent much of the conference convincing Churchill to engage in an invasion of France and finally, on November 30, when Roosevelt announced at lunch that they would launch the invasion in May 1944. [19] This pleased Stalin, who had pushed his allies to open a new front in the West to reduce the pressure on his troops.

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