In the case of a license agreement, the licensor authorizes the licensee to use its property on commercial terms or for other reasons. License agreements also have their own specific terms, but the content differs from that of franchise agreements. (b) such ongoing periodic advice, advice and assistance is provided in a personal capacity, by weekly correspondence (electronic or otherwise), by quarterly site visits or by regular telephone or written communications made available from time to time to all franchisees in the system, as the franchisor deems necessary or appropriate; to help the franchisee meet the requirements of the system. Such ongoing advice may include, but is not limited to, issues such as products and services to be offered to customers, improvement and evolution of fitness center operations, pricing, administration, accounting, accounting and inventory control, and franchisee operating issues; The owner may sell or transfer the franchise with prior written notification and approval from the business. The company is currently in good reputation under all laws and has all the necessary powers and powers to enter into this agreement with the owner. In the current state of the owners` knowledge, there is no legal or personal way to prohibit them from performing this period. The company will provide the necessary assistance to the owner, as set out below, as agreed in this franchise agreement. (e) The franchisor has the right to establish an advertising board composed of franchisees and representatives of the franchisee, including all representatives of the franchisee. This Council shall contribute to the expenditure of contributions from the Fund. 1.4 Restrictions on the Sale of Authorized Services.

This license does not include the right to provide services at or from any location other than the premises. Direct or indirect use of the System, the Licensed Proprietary Marks by the Franchisee or the sale of services in a location other than the Premises constitutes a material breach of this Agreement and gives the Franchisee the right to terminate this Agreement, in addition to any other rights and remedies under this Agreement. The franchisee may not advertise or sell the permitted services or similar services, directly or indirectly, via the Internet, the World Wide Web (defined in point 9.3 below) or any other similar proprietary or common electronic distribution system (together, the “electronic media”); or by fax or other telephone or electronic communications, including toll-free numbers addressed to or received by customers or potential customers outside the exclusive territory. The Franchisee may broadcast advertisements in print, television and radio that are directed to customers and potential customers in the exclusive territory, and the Franchisee shall not be considered a violation of this Agreement if such advertisements are considered by potential customers outside the exclusive zone due to the natural broadcast of the print media or the reach of television and the radio.. .

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