A single arbitrator shall be appointed by mutual agreement between the parties. In the alternative and by mutual agreement, the parties may decide on an arbitration body and, in this case, each party will inform the other party of its candidate. The nominees of the parties then agree to preside over the arbitration body. The Parties agree that, in accordance with Article 7, the Employment Committee may, during the term of this Agreement, examine the workload concerns of The Members of Strand 3, verify other up-to-date and historical information on work transfers and make advisory recommendations to the Union and/or the University. The university shall make available to the teacher on leave only the benefits of Articles 13, 16 and 23 (salary, social benefits, job security and status) within the framework of this agreement, as if he or she had performed the teaching task(s). Under no circumstances may union leave provide a further improvement in wages or benefits under this agreement, which would not correspond to what that teacher could have done if he or she had taught the task(s). The granting of extended leave should not result in a reduction of a probation or waiting period. 682 (93.2%) of the 732 members who participated in the vote to ratify our second collective agreement voted YES on July 17, 2019. (a) After the agreement of the unit administrator(s) and the Continuing Sessional Lecturer on a list of such substantially similar courses and courses which the Continuing Sessional Lecturer has satisfactorily informed at the University of Victoria during the five years of implementation immediately prior to the commencement of this collective agreement, this list shall set out the courses for which the Continuing Sessional has recalled, as shown below. The purpose of this Agreement is to establish an orderly collective bargaining relationship between the University and its employees represented by the Union, in order to maintain effective academic operations, to ensure the harmonious settlement of disputes and to define an agreement on the rates of pay and other conditions of employment applicable to workers within the bargaining unit.

(c) once the unit allocation and the higher education allowance are calculated and established, those allocations shall remain fixed until the next recalculation, fixed for 15 February or on a date to be fixed by mutual agreement for the coming year of intervention or except in accordance with the reminder provisions laid down in Article 24.04. No employee is required or permitted to enter into a written or oral agreement with the University or its representatives, in contravention of the terms of this Collective Agreement. The university will not make deductions from salary unless permitted by law, court order, arbitration order, agreement or agreement between the university and the employee. Download pdf:final_collective_agreement_local_4163_uvic_comp_3_2019_2022_2020_06_031 (a) Stage II begins after written notification from the Union to the Human Resources Department. The university representatives and the union`s complaints committee will then have ten (10) business days to meet and attempt to resolve the complaint. Once the complaint is resolved, a memorandum will be prepared on the agreement concluded and signed by the representatives of each party and a copy will be made for each party. If the remedy cannot be resolved, each party of the other party shall co-establish in writing its intention to arbitrate in accordance with Article 11, no later than five (5) working days from the expiration of the ten (l0) working day period. (a) Where the University introduces or intends to introduce any measure, policy, practice or change affecting the working conditions or job security of a significant number of workers covered by a collective agreement, the University undertakes to inform the union in writing sixty (sixty) days before the entry into force of the measure, policy and/or practice.

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