Complete the Leased Vehicle Lease Completed Walla Walla University Approved Driver Application Student Health Center – Tel: 360.650.3400 Saint Joseph Hospital Emergency Room – Tel: 360.734-5400 The goal of Walla Walla University is to ensure safe transportation. Please report any changes to the driving record during the year to risk and safety management. Use the vehicle only for pickup and delivery operations, not for personal use. Make sure the driver has up-to-date insurance for his vehicle. The driver is responsible for all the citations for which he is guilty. Check for all drivers of private vehicles: All drivers of Vehicles of Walla Walla University or vehicles rented by companies or those who drive their personal vehicles with passengers for transport coordinated by EMU must be on the list of authorized drivers (SIGN IN) required. See transport options for EMU activities below. Only candidates under WA license. Contact Risk and Safety Management if you have any questions.

Special Use: One-Way Hold Harmless Agreement – File with corresponding department or activity application form. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD or other ADHD-related diseases, and take prescription medications for these conditions, please check and print the forms below and take them for your prescriber. The NCAA has a procedure for verifying and authorizing the lawful use of drugs containing substances prohibited by the NCAA through an exceptional medical procedure. Filling out these forms allows us to initiate this procedure when you are tested for stimulants. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Note: 15-person vans should not be used for university activities. Watch this video on the risks of vans with 15 passengers and other options. Have completed the online driver safety course over the past four years. If you have to take the course, you will receive instructions after checking your driver questionnaire.

Create a list of students who choose EMU-ordered transportation and file it with the corresponding department or activity form. The transport is specially organised by the promoter and provided by vehicles owned by the university, by companies or by individuals. You can drive university vehicles if your name is on the list of licensed drivers. Documents can be sent in advance for approval to Risk Safety Management. Any customer who is not a licensed driver should rent vehicles to an owner under his or her own name and insurance and be reimbursed by the relevant university department. All participants drive by the sponsor independently and without consultation. If students opt for transport other than the one organised by EMU, the sponsor: Paper Application (for applicants who do not have myWWU registration) will contact Facility Services for CDL pilot agreements. Fill out The Facility Services Vehicle Transportation Application Form for University or Chartered Vehicles You are on the licensed driver list and have the 7th name, if applicable vehicle records and driving history will be checked for all drivers.

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