You also acknowledge and accept that third party, all or part of the information you provide for inspection purposes (for example. B via our WHOIS service) or for targeted marketing purposes and other purposes, in accordance with applicable legislation, may be made available to the public or directly. One way to make available to the public or any information you have provided to the public or to third parties is through the mass access of WHOIS data to third parties who enter into an agreement with on full access to WHOIS data. B. Cancellation of bundled services. In addition to these terms and conditions, if you purchase services sold together as a solution or bundle of Services, any termination of such a solution or bundle will terminate all services included in such a solution or bundle. For example, without restricting the universality of the above, any domain name registered or maintained by under this agreement (without a domain name that you were able to register, either with or a third-party registrar, separately and not as part of a bundled package) can be cancelled and will then be available from another party. You acknowledge and agree that in the event of termination or cancellation of your solution or bundle, the general terms of transfer of expired domain names, as described in this service agreement, may apply. After the effective date of the termination, will no longer provide you with the solution or bundle, all licenses granted to you will cease immediately and you must stop using these services immediately; However, provided that we allow them, at our sole and absolute assessment and subject to your consent, to be bound by the existing agreements and pay the applicable fees, you can convert certain services included in the bundled services into stand-alone services. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound to all applicable rules or conditions of service, conditions or service agreements, as well as any other applicable terms or conditions of service that have been or may be established from time to time by and added to them by reference.

You may also purchase additional services (the “Additional Services”) from, our partners and/or other third parties that may have their own service agreements or other related terms, and it is your duty to review, accept and comply with these service agreements or other related terms and conditions as well as this Agreement. 32.6 Customer consent to the use of information on the U.S. Customer Distribution Network (CPNI). Verizon recognizes that it has an obligation and the customer has the right to protect the confidentiality of the client`s NPCN under federal law and/or the State of the United States. To better serve the customer and provide additional services, Verizon Wireless and their affiliates (Verizon Company) may need to use and share CPNI and confidential information. CPNI contains information on the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and extent of use of U.S.-connected telecommunications services and languages Customer Purchases from Verizon Companies, as well as local and toll billing information that is provided to Verizon businesses solely because of the customer relationship with Verizon companies.

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