webinstituteforteachers.org/97/jlyman/default/quiz/subverbagquiz.html uwf.edu/writelab/test/subject_verb_agreement_practice_test.htm – Remember that with no one… again/or … or you have to look at the subject closest to the verb to determine singularity or plurality. With these indeterminate pronouns that cannot be decided, look at the following prepositional sentence (the object of the preposition) to determine the singularity or plurality of the indeterminate pronomic subject. grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/cgi-shl/quiz.pl/agreement_add1.htm Here are some technical arrangement quizs for you to test your knowledge! Be looking for collective subversives, and, neither… again/or… or, and indeterminate pronouns that can be singular or plural (all, all, all, plus, most, none and some). Click on the links below.

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