CHICAGO, Ill. — Workers today ended an unfair 10-day conflict at the University of Illinois-Chicago after concluding preliminary agreements that offer workers covid-19 protection and wage increases. The contracts with the administration apply to multi-year contracts for four bargaining units represented by SEIU Local 73 on campuses in Chicago, Rockford and Peoria, including construction workers, technicians, office workers and professionals. We will continue to stand in solidarity with our family at the Chicago Teachers` Union. Their fight goes on, so we`re not going to cross the picket lines. Be sure to continue to support them until they have reached their own agreement. According to the “highlights” of the preliminary agreement published on the SEIU 73 website, the union claimed it had earned $15 per hour of minimum wage for construction workers, as well as vague assurances of wage increases for all workers, an alleged commitment by the Illinois Democratic Government, J.B. Pritkzer, and allegations of staff protection against COVID-19. The union did not say when exactly the minimum wage of $15 per hour would be introduced during the four-year contract. However, every time it comes into force, the new salary would still plunge university employees into poverty and a daily struggle for survival. Here you will find information on CPS collective agreements, collective agreements and general information on CPS collective bargaining.

We are pleased to inform you that the University has preliminary agreements with both the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 73. On Wednesday, the CTU announced that it had reached an “interim agreement” and had scheduled a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies in the evening. We are pleased to inform you that your Unit 2 negotiating committee and the City of Chicago have reached an interim agreement on our Unit 2 contract after more than two and a half years of difficult negotiations! Full terms and amendments to the treaty will be sent shortly to all members for review. One of the strengths of the treaty is that we know that this year has been extraordinary and difficult for all.

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