Changing the user, or modding of games in the Open World Sandbox Grand Theft Auto series is a popular trend in the PC gaming community. These unofficial changes are made by changing the gameplay logic and active files in a user`s game installation and can radically change the gameplay experience: from replacing the player`s character model with a shooting cat to the zombie spawning across the map. [1] Often created by anonymous “modders,” changes are presented as downloadable files or archives. [2] Third-party software was essential to the construction of Grand Theft Auto Mods, as there were no official editing tools from developer Rockstar Games. [3] [4] Mods for Grand Theft Auto are generally designed to be used on PC versions of games because the platform does not prevent changes to installed software; However, there are similar content for console versions to some extent. On June 14, 2017, Take-Two Interactive sent an omission service to The developers of OpenIV, a program that allows users to install changes for various rock star titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V, claiming that OpenIV allowed third parties to modify and defeat the security features of their software. [55] Rockstar later responded by saying, “Take-Twos actions were not specifically aimed at individual player mods… We are working to figure out how to continue to support the creative community without negatively affecting our players. [56] In a Statement by Rockstar of June 23, which states that take-Two has agreed not to take legal action against third-party single-player fashion projects involving Rockstar PC games. Rockstar also contacted the developers of OpenIV to try to resolve the dispute. [57] Although the details of this meeting are not yet known, OpenIV was put on download shortly after – and received a small update – indicating that the conversation with Rockstar was a success.

[58] Given that a number of Grand Theft Auto V Mods have been available since the release of the pc game, Rockstar has taken steps to ensure that these mods do not affect the online component of the game by amending the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) to impose a blanket ban on mods. Any player who mods his copy of GTA V will be excluded from the online game, even if the mods are only used in single player mode. The grand Theft Auto modification is not supported by Rockstar and, as such, there is no official editing tool to manipulate game files. [3] [13] In response to a fan`s question, Rockstar commented on the gtA changes and explained that they had always appreciated the efforts of the modal community and that they still liked to remember classic mods like the zombie invasion or the original Grand Theft Auto III map on Grand Theft Auto IV.

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